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Invisalign Clere Dental Braces at Smilex Dental Speciality Centre

Do you want to straighten your teeth without braces or any metallic smile?  You are at the right place!

Invisalign or clear aligners are the sure shot options for fixed braces, be metallic, ceramic or lingual braces.

Invisalign are the Clear, practically invisible and removable Braces which have the ability to move teeth in a precise manner.



Invisalign are the clear aligners specially custom made for you and only fits your teeth. A precise 3D scan is done eliminating unwanted impression taking the process and can be done In a dental office with lots of comforts. Once the 3D scan is done a virtual model is created on which an immediate probable treatment simulation can be shown to the patient.

The 3D model is used for treatment planning, for making sets of aligners, and virtual treatment simulation to show the patient. The treatment with these aligners is very precise and especially suitable for you.




Invisalign or aligners work very smoothly and gently on your teeth. You will get sets of aligners according to the difficulty of your case. Each aligner needs to be worn for approximately 2 weeks or 15 days throughout the day. By wearing them continuously ensures gentle movement of teeth with precision. At times some very small tooth coloured composite dots need to be put on teeth called as attachments which also help for the tooth movement.




Invisalign or clear aligners as the name suggest are clear, transparent and practically invisible. While eating and brushing you can remove them, thus no restrictions on food and day to day activities. The oral hygiene maintenance is very easy and less cumbersome as you can remove the aligners and brush as well as floss. The chances of decay or white spot lesions are ruled out with aligners. And most important is your confidence! As it is practically invisible it will enhance and boost your self-confidence.



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2 thoughts on “INVISALIGN…An alternative to braces”

  1. This is the best option in the market if you want to avoid usual metallic braces. These braces are almost invisible unless someone came really close to you. Trust me when I say this that the person sitting next to me in my office had no idea that I fixed my smile over a year. The main advantage of this type of braces is it can be easily removed and reattach by a patient itself whenever a need be. These braces can be taken out to clean daily. These braces are made computerized software by scanning your entire dental structure. There is no pain at all while any of the above procedures. If you are a person who usually is in a job where you have to manage others or deliver a lecture to audience etc., then this is the best option to fix your smile. I had this braces treatment where there were 20 braces for the period of over a year and an almost invisible retainer after that.
    Special thanks to Dr. Sonali and team who helped me gain my smile back.

    1. Thank you Sagar for this comprehensive review. #Invisagline, #invisible aligners are indeed boon for adult and working professionals. As you rightly said there is no pain, emergency breakage visits,(as in braces treatment) ease of wearing and removal and on top of that invisibility during the whole process. Happy smiling😁

      Dr.Sonali Deshmukh

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