Times health survey 2017 rated us top Clinic in india. Are you looking for the best dentist in Pune? "World class dental care at affordable price" Times health survey 2017 rated us top Clinic in india.
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Looking To Get Dental Implants? Read Up On This!

Dental Implant Best Dental Implantology Centre in Pune .

The dental implant is a titanium post or screw that is positioned inside
one’s jawbone through a rather simple surgery. These implants are
placed right under one’s gums and are usually made of sturdy and
stable materials such as titanium. Once these implants are in place,
dentists mount replacement teeth onto them wherein they further
remain unmoved. If you too are looking to get a dental implant for
yourself, you’d do well to opt for a treatment at Smilex – highly
regarded as the best dental clinic in Pune, by the leading implantologist
of India.

How A Dental Implant Can Affect Your Health

The quality of people’s teeth often begins to degrade and deteriorate
as they age. If one’s nutritional intake is compromised during this
period of time, the quality and well-being of teeth begin to get
affected in equal measure. Since one needs a working set of teeth
maintained in good shape in order to be able to chew properly – thus
assisting the body in taking in the right amount of nutrition – getting a
dental implant at the right time can do wonders for one’s health.

The Appropriate Procedure For Getting A Dental Implant
If you’re planning a visit to a dental clinic in Pune looking to get dental
implants, we would suggest that you wait a bit first and research your
options before submitting yourself to the implant. Know that the
appropriate process consists primarily of a thorough clinical
examination of the jaw bone, followed by a full-fledged CBCT or X-Ray
scan. After this, a tiny cut is made in the gums under the influence of a
local anaesthetic. Following this, there is a painless drilling session, a post
which dental implants are slowly and carefully placed in the bone. Once
this procedure is completed, the gums are replaced in their original

Why Smilex Is The Place To Go For A Dental Implant

Smilex is headed by the highly experienced Dr Vijay Deshmukh, who
has been practising implant dentistry for over 25 years. A winner of six
awards in dentistry, his pioneering work in the field of bone
regeneration around implants easily makes him the best dentist in

These are some of the major reasons why Smilex is widely
preferred as the right clinic for major dental operations such as a dental

We hope this quick overview of the dental implant procedures at
Smilex has given you renewed hopes for availing a successful dental
implants in Pune!

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