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Upgrade Your Dental Health With Smilex!

Dr.Sonali Deshmukh Best Orthodontics in Pune.


Ever feel anxious about your teeth deteriorating? Be it the mild toothaches that occur while one is eating ice cream to gums that begin to bleed while chewing food; tooth problems often come in a variety of unexpected ways. Most or all of these problems indicate a deep need for dental cleansing and care. Come to learn with us the best ways to get that done professionally by experienced dental care experts from Smilex, highly regarded as the best dental clinic in Pune!


Quality dental care begins early:

As compared to adults, children are usually more prone to getting affected by tooth worries such as decays and infections. These chances increase significantly mainly due to their high consumption rate of chocolates, sweetmeats and confectionaries. As a result, it becomes essential for children to get their teeth checked by dentists on a regular basis. Thus, it is a good idea to get one’s kids’ teeth checked for cavities as well as for unexpected gaps or spaces between teeth.


Laser surgeries can greatly assist you:

For dental problems such as gum diseases or tooth decay, laser surgery is fast becoming a perfectly valid option. Lasers are able to penetrate deep within one’s teeth to swiftly remove any existing decay. They are also able to easily harden dental fillings post-surgery. The reshaping of gums is a popular practice that helps remove bacterial infections as well.


Treating your gums is essential:

Periodontal diseases are common with dental patients across the globe. These diseases can occur either in the form of basic gum inflammations or in the form of serious problems that may occur due to damage caused to one’s soft tissue or bone material supporting one’s teeth. These conditions can be swiftly treated with dental treatments such as splinting and scaling.




yes can also be utilized to repair broken teeth, reshape them, make them straighter or even lighter in appearance.


If you too are serious about getting the right care for your teeth, we suggest that you do visit Smilex, the best dentist in Pune, for giving your teeth a makeover that lasts forever!

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